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14 Fun Owl Facts For Kids

01.  Owls are divided into two families; Barn Owls and True Owls (also called Typical Owls). There are over 200 different species.

02.  Owls have many different sounds; the hooting is probably the most famous, but some owls screech, while others whistle, squeak, and hiss.

03.  Owls’ babies are called owlets.

04.  Owlets are born with an egg tooth, which they use to crack open their egg.

05.  Owls have very good hearing. They are able to detect prey under plants, leaves, dirt, and even snow.

06.  Owls have trouble with seeing things close up, but they can see very far ahead. Which means they are far-sighted.

07.  Owls can turn their head really far to the left and to the right, since their necks are very different from ours. This is why it almost looks as an owl can rotate its head.

08.  Owls’ poop are watery and mostly white, with smaller portions being darker colored.

09.  Owls throw up pellets some time after eating. Those are black or brown and contain small globs of fur, feathers and bones. Pellets are not poop and don’t smell.

10.  Owls are nocturnal, which means they are mostly awake and active in the nighttime.

11.  Owls hunt both flying and on the ground.

12.  Owls fly almost without a sound because they have broad special constructed wings.

13.  Owls can fly very fast. The Great Horned Owl can fly as fast as a tiger can run; 40 MPH.

14.  Owls take over abandoned nests from other birds, or simply move into tree cavities, underground tunnels, empty buildings, etc.


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