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Owl Symbolism

Owls have carried important symbolic meanings throughout the history of mankind, and still do.

What Do Owls Symbolize?

The assertions about what owls mean are many and spans from wisdom to bad luck and death. Stories about owls can be found in mythology, religion, ancient knowledge and folklore. Needless to say, they always made an impact.

In the Bible, the owl represents both intelligence and wisdom. In ancient Greece, the goddess Athena declared that the owl represents wisdom. Indian folklore agrees, where owls symbolize wisdom and helpfulness, and have powers of prophecy.

Some cultures believed the owl to be the protector and guardian of the dead. It could communicate with the departed.

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The Dark Side

Since owls are nocturnal animals that thrive in darkness, they naturally came to symbolize mystery, magic, supernatural danger and death.

Some people believed that if you either saw an owl or heard its hoot, it was a sign of certain death.

So if you’re a bit superstitious, it’s well-advised to bring your earplugs and keep your eyes on the ground next time you’re out hiking in the woods.

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The Bright Side

The the-glass-is-half-full people of course focus on the more uplifting tales. The ones that talk about ancient wisdom, strength of character, the capacity to see beyond deceit and masks, maturity, and the ability to guide us into exploring the unknowns about life.

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The Owl Tattoo

With all these rich symbolic values and meanings, it’s quite easy to understand why some people decide to get an owl tattoo. There are many amazing ones out there.

A very down-to-earth reason to get an inked owl could simply be because it’s so majestic and powerful looking – or cute beyond belief.